The ultimate tour of Moscow can last 3 days with 7 hours each day, or 4 days with 5 hours each day. Timing and itinerary can be customized.  DAY 1 15-16th centuries – Red Square & Kremlin. The residence of Dukes, Tsars, Emperors, Supreme rulers, Presidents will surprise you with its cathedrals, largest in the world Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell, as long as the Armory with personal belongings of Great Tsars. DAY 2 16-19th cc – Zamoskvorechye area & Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve Stunning palaces, churches, cathedrals and mind-blowing historical facts. DAY 3 20-21st cc – Modern Moscow Enjoy a day exploring off the beaten city path which will give you an insight into a local life and hidden gems. Experience Russian cuisine – borsch, vareniki, bliny in traditional restaurants (not included in tour).